How To Test Your Testosterone Without Seeing A Doctor

Studies have shown that 25 percent of men aged 30 and older have low testosterone. This is because the aging process is a big part of depleting testosterone levels. However, those levels can be increased through diet, exercise, and an overall healthier lifestyle.

A number of men are unwilling or too busy to go to a doctor to check their testosterone levels. Thankfully, there are still ways to determine whether or not their levels are depleting. Below are some tips on how to test your testosterone levels without even having to make a doctor’s appointment:

Check Your Percentage of Body Fat

Aromatase is contained in body fat and it is basically an enzyme that is involved with converting testosterone into estrogen. Having an excess amount of estrogen in the body will slow down testosterone production. This is the reason men whose testosterone levels are declining start to accumulate fat, particularly in the abdominal area. Studies have revealed that higher testosterone levels are linked to lean body mass and increased fat mass is associated with low testosterone in aging males.

Measuring your body fat percentage is an accurate method of checking your testosterone. A body calculator can be used for this purpose. To effectively check your body fat percentage, you are required to enter information like your weight in pounds, gender, and circumference of your hip, waist, forearm and wrist. Then click calculate for your result.

Check Your Perspiration Odor

Testosterone levels are linked to sweating and many other processes in the body. Men who have higher testosterone levels produce more apocrine sweat, which is from the glands located in genital and underarm areas. These glands remain inactive until roused by hormonal changes during adolescence.

Research has shown that elevated levels of 5alpha-reductase in these sweat glands are linked to higher levels of testosterone, which take part in the anabolic movement of androgens. These glands produce stinky sweat. Essentially, if your perspiration has an unpleasant odor then your levels of testosterone are okay. However, if it is odorless the testosterone levels have decreased.

Assess the Size of Your Testicles

Your levels of testosterone have a significant impact on the shape and size of your testicles. This is because testosterone is produced in your testicles, which indicates that more attention should be paid to their size.

Typically, if the testicles are withered and smaller, lower testosterone is highly likely. However, if they are big and full, high testosterone levels are usually present. To assess your size, stand before a mirror and concentrate on the size to figure out whether there has been a reduction in testosterone levels.

Check the Frequency and Quality of Your Erections

Testosterone is responsible for driving erections. Therefore, a reduction in its production levels affects erectile function. Studies have revealed that androgens play a pivotal role in erectile function as the time when there is an increase in the frequency of erectile dysfunction correlates strongly with a decrease in testosterone levels. Low testosterone reduces the amplitude, rigidity, and frequency of erections. A good method of measuring testosterone levels is by monitoring your erections and keeping track of their quality and frequency.

Check the Size of Your Breast

When there is a reduction in testosterone production, the estrogen levels go higher resulting in increased body fat, muscle mass, larger breasts and other related problems.

Low testosterone often results in man boobs and this serves as a great indicator that restoration is needed for hormonal balance. Studies have found that approximately 30 percent of men will experience this condition during their lifetime.

This should be done by standing before a mirror with your bare chest and focusing on the breasts. Take note of whether your pecks are toned and if there are any noticeable changes in the shape and size of the breasts area. This will give you insight into your testosterone levels. If the result shows low testosterone, regular exercise can be used to tone your body and enhance the production of testosterone.

Check the Volume of Your Semen

Testosterone plays a major role in the quantity and quality of semen you produce. A large amount of sperm-containing fluids released via the ejaculatory duct comes from the prostate gland and the seminal vesicles, which are two glands located close to the prostate.

When levels of testosterone are adequate, these parts work together to generate the semen you ejaculate. If this process is interrupted, the volume of semen will be affected. When masturbating or having sex, you can keep track of your semen volume.

There are a number of processes and functions in the body for which testosterone is responsible. Low testosterone brings about uncomfortable changes. Seeing a doctor is always recommended; however, you can also do the things outlined above to easily and safely get insight into the testosterone levels.